This is video from the Texas Tech/Kansas game from last Saturday, where Red Raiders' head coach Tommy Tuberville looks like he slaps the headphones off the head of an assistant coach.

The incident took place during the third quarter of Texas Tech's 41-34 overtime victory. Tuberville, apparently that the Red Raiders had an extra player on the field and took a penalty on fourth and 2, makes a quick slapping motion at graduate assistant coach Kevin Oliver, appearing to either yank his headset off with his left hand, or possibly hitting it off his head.

Tuberville had this to say about the incident:

"He (Oliver) was on the field, I reached to grab him and pull him off, and when I pulled I missed his shirt and I grabbed his facemask — or his microphone — and it just ripped off his head," Tuberville said. "I was trying to get him off the field."

Judging from the video, I'm not buying that explanation. Then again, it's possible Tuberville wasn't trying to hit Oliver either. It could have been that he was just upset, wanted Oliver's attention, and intended to yank his headsets off. That wouldn't make it right either, but I'm just trying not to jump to too much of a conclusion, so I'm trying to give Tuberville somewhat of the benefit of the doubt.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.