Good ole "12 Gauge," Cardale Jones, doesn't like the NCAA. Now that he's on his way to the NFL, he can tell everybody how he REALLY feels.

The plight of student-athletes is well publicized, when it comes to the NCAA. Their ridiculous rules and limitations bother the players, and they don't get to share in the financial bounty created by college football. Well, Cardale had enough. With his time as an Ohio State Buckeye behind him, he decided to take to Twitter to break the NCAA off a piece of his mind.

He starts off by painting with a broad brush. Elementary stuff, really.

OK, 12 Gauge. We get it. The NCAA definitely takes advantage of the current setup, and student-athletes end up holding the short end of the stick.

Tell us what you mean though, Cardale. Get deeper.

Now you're getting somewhere. Keep going. Follow the money.

Could this have anything to do with your "12 Gauge" apparel idea that got shot down, Cardale? Is that why you're so salty?

Some of the spelling/grammatical errors are pretty painful, but Jones is trying to make a point, people. Stop being sheep and wake up: the NCAA is bad...because you didn't know that already. He's just trying to share his two cents, everybody. I'm sure you've never heard any of this before.

Cardale Jones, crusader for social justice. Keep fighting the good fight, 12 Gauge. Maybe someday the NCAA will give its employees...I mean student-athletes...a piece of the pie.