A little over a month ago, a Yahoo! sports report claimed the New Orleans Saints gave running back Reggie Bush permission in February to gauge his value with other clubs. The report, citing unnamed sources, insisted that Bush expects to be playing for a new club next season. Reggie has denied the report, and insists that the Saints never gave him or his agent permission to test the market. Here is more from Nakia Hogan of The Times Picayune and nola.com.

"That's not true," Bush said. "If it's anything, it's the opposite. (The Saints) don't want me talking to other teams. Before the lockout began, they expressed that they want me back, and once the lockout ended we were going to do everything to make sure I was still with the Saints."

Reggie asserts that he and his agent, Joel Segal, have not come up with an amount they would like to be offered from the Saints yet. The reason being, a new CBA has not been agreed upon. Therefore, Segal does not know exactly how a salary cap and free agency market will look once the lockout is lifted.