Ragin' Cajuns Head Women's Basketball Coach Garry Brodhead loves defense, and he finds ways to talk about it in any circumstance.

Brodhead's team is preparing for a pivotal stretch against Sun Belt top dogs Arkansas State and a talented Little Rock team. Luckily, the Cajuns play both of them at home. On the flip side, Brodhead wasn't pleased with his team's defense in their recent 59-76 loss to Appalachian State.

Defense is the heartbeat of Brodhead's body of work. He doesn't tolerate mediocrity.

"I think we got to defend better in the transition game," Brodhead said. Later in the day, on his coach's show, he related the issue to Arkansas State, "We didn't guard their transition offense as well when we were in Jonesboro. I really think we have to attack them."

If you don't recall, Arkansas State lit the Cajuns up for 83 points earlier this year. It was the most points allowed by Brodhead's defense all year, so the wound is still fresh in his mind.

Part of the issue all year long has to do with the whistles. Officials have been told to clamp down on calling fouls, and it's been a massive nightmare for a defensive-oriented team.

To be clear, Brodhead wasn't using officiating as a cop-out in any way shape or form. He just wants to see some consistency, so he and his staff can go about coaching around those regular calls. The Cajuns play hard-nosed defense, and tough defense walks the line of legality constantly.

"Pretty much anytime anything happens, it's a foul," Brodhead said. "People don't realize how difficult it is to coach."

Despite the adjustment to officiating, the Cajuns are 16-5 and 9-3 in Sun Belt Conference play. A win against Arkansas State would send shockwaves through the conference, and a subsequent victory over Little Rock would put Brodhead's bunch in fine form before the tournament.

Let's not put the cart before the horse though. The Cajuns have to lace up their shoes before hitting the court, then there are a couple games to play.

Watch Brodhead's full press conference in the video above, and share your comments below.