One of the most highly-anticipated games in recent memory will finally take place on Saturday evening, as the top-ranked LSU Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to take on the second-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

The two teams are very simlar, in a number of ways. 

Both teams are 8-0 overall, and 5-0 in SEC play.

Both teams like to run the football, and have physical, athletic defenses.

Both teams have high-profile, impact players, such as Alabama's Trent Richardson, and LSU's Tyrann Mathieu.

Both teams have highly-successful head coaches who have won national championships.

Most of all though, both teams are REALLY good.

How does the match-up look, and who's going to win?

LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu

Dan Rubenstein, of, gives his prediction.