Terry Bradshaw was asked about a Miami Herald article that suggested Louisiana Tech might be a target for the Sun Belt Conference. "They (Sun Belt) need us more than we need them, and we don't need to go that route," cracked Bradshaw. Here is more from Ethan Conley of thenewsstar.com.

"No way do I want to be a part of that," Bradshaw said at a Monday press conference at Squire Creek Country Club. "I don't know anything about that. I don't think that's anything we'd want to do. We're not going forward (in the Sun Belt) — no disrespect. We're not going forward. We're dropping back. We might as well bring back the Gulf States Conference and play everybody in the state, you know? No. That doesn't excite me."


Boise State will be leaving the WAC in less than three months, with Nevada, Fresno St., and Hawaii following a year later. That leaves the WAC with Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah State, New Mexico St., and San Jose State. Texas State-San Marcos, and Texas-San Antonio are set to join the WAC in a few years as both schools move up to Division IA football. Denver will join the WAC eventually, but they are a non-football school.

What am I missing here? What does Terry see in the future of the WAC that makes it a "step up" from the Sun Belt. The Western Athletic Conference is hoping no other school is invited to another conference, otherwise, they will have trouble staying afloat.