Every Thanksgiving, I reflect on how blessed I am. While there is so much to be thankful for, I'll focus on the sports fan.

Without getting too sentimental, I have to appreciate a sports fan in the way a mechanic appreciates a wrench. Without the sports fan, I would be in a different line of work (and one that isn't nearly as much fun).

A true sports fan supports their team through thick and thin, establishing a connection with a uniform that only a die-hard can understand. Fan is short for "fanatic", and while there are fanatics in all walks of life, the sports fan is the fanatic I love.

A fan that is more concerned with their favorite players ERA dropping than their investments in the stock market. A fan that remembers each year of history based on what sporting event took place. A fan that, no matter how many times they curse their favorite team's failures and vow to get over it, never truly do. Pain equals joy. A true sports fan appreciates the good times by suffering through the tough ones.

Here's to you sports fan. Happy Thanksgiving!