New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez has a slightly torn meniscus in his right knee. If A-Rod opts for surgery, he could be out for up to a month. Here is more from Matt Ehalt of

The 35-year-old injured his knee June 19 in Chicago, when he tweaked his knee while on the bases in a 10-4 win against the Cubs. Rodriguez had an MRI on his right knee Friday.

Girardi said Rodriguez, who already has withdrawn from the All-Star Game, still is being evaluated, and that there are two options. The third baseman could have surgery, which would sideline him for about a month. Or, he could play through the injury and have the surgery after the season.

It'll be interesting to see which path A-Rod chooses. Because he's Alex Rodriguez, either decision will draw a strong reaction. If he has surgery, many will question his toughness. If he plays through the injury, many will question whether it's the best option for his playing career in the long-term. Either way, baseball fans will await his decision.