Watch below, as the WKU Hilltoppers run a fake kneel down play, completely tricing the Memphis Tigers' defense.

The play took place in Tuesday night's Boca Raton Bowl, in which WKU had the football, first and ten, at their own 15-yard line, leading 28-17, with only :45 remaining in the first half.

The Hilltoppers lined-up, as if to take a knee and head to the locker room, but instead ran the fake kneel down play, in which quarterback Mike White quietly handed the ball to Anthony Wales, before running around right tackle.

The defense, confused, allowed Wales to run the ball 53 yards, down to the Memphis 32-yard line.

The play didn't turn out to mean much, however, as White was intercepted on the very next play, ending the scoring opportunity.

WKU did go on to win, 51-31.