There are only six more games remaining in the Major League baseball regular season (five if you're the Mets) and the two Wild Card spots are still up for grabs.

The American League might be a little more clear than the National, but there's still a shot for a couple of teams.

Here's where they stand as the season heads to a finish

AMERICAN LEAGUE--Boston, Cleveland and Texas are in the playoffs.  Boston has clinched at least a tie for the East Division title.  The race for the Wild Card:with their games remaining:

TORONTO (86-70):  Baltimore (3) at Boston (3)--The Jays have the best record for the wild card.  They also have the toughest remaining schedule.

BALTIMORE (85-71)  at Toronto (3) at New York Yankees (3)--Like the Jays, it's rugged for the Orioles.  If either of these teams collapse, it opens the door for:

DETROIT (83-73)--Cleveland (3), at Atlanta (3)--While the East beats up on each other, the Tigers still have a shot, especially if they can get something done against the Indians this week.  Easier said than done.

SEATTLE (83-73)--at Houston (3), Oakland (3)--Seattle ended Houston's shot last night.  They have the easier schedule of the contenders.

Overall, unless either Toronto or Baltimore go on a real losing streak while the other two teams get really hot, the first two are in good shape, which could make up one heck of a wild card game.

NATIONAL LEAGUE--The Cubs have won 100 games.  The Dodgers and Nationals have also clinched their divisions.  The wild card is a three team race for two spots...and it's crazy.

NEW YORK (83-74)  at Miami (2) at Philadelphia (3)--Mets are on the road, but they've only got five left.  The next two are going to be tough, given the emotion in Miami right now.

SAN FRANCISCO (82-74)--Colorado (3), Dodgers (3) --They've been horrible in the second half, but they're still here.  And, they're at home for the last six.  Although they've already clinched, you think the Dodgers wouldn't like to be the ones to keep SF out?

ST. LOUIS (81-75)--Cincinnati (3), Pittsburgh (3)--The Cards took a bad loss last night after surviving the Cubs over the weekend.  They've got the easiest schedule, but the way they've played at home this year, that may not matter.

A three way tie is still a possibility.  Wouldn't that be a hoot?