The Minnesota Vikings are the number two seed in the NFC, they've got a home game in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, and a quarterback that's getting way too much credit.

Don't get me wrong, Case Keenum definitely deserves some credit for the turnaround he's seen in his career, especially from last year to this year.

Case Keenum has been mostly a journeyman his entire career and this year, with a good team around him and the number one defense in the league, he's gone 11-3 as a starter. Over that span Keenum has thrown 22 touchdowns to seven interceptions and one rushing touchdown.

This is the most consistency he's had in his career since he's come into the league in 2013. This is also the most well rounded team he's ever played for.

When in Houston, he went 2-8 as a starter over two seasons. He threw for 2,195 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions.

As the starter of the Rams (St. Louis then Los Angeles) over two seasons Keenum went 7-9. He threw for 3,029 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

Now that he's had success on an overall good Vikings team, people want to make like Case Keenum is the oil that makes this Minnesota engine go, that's false.

What Case Keenum does for the Vikings is not make mistakes, they have the best defense in the league and a solid running game that all he has to do is not turn the ball over.

What he does do well is moving around in the pocket, he's not a running type of quarterback but he can extend the play if need be.

However lets be clear, this team goes as this defense goes. Keenum has the luxury to not HAVE to take shots and to try to win the game for his team a lot of the time.

The one really impressive win he had this season was against the Los Angeles Rams (24-7). The other teams he faced with a good offense, he went 2-3, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Detroit Lions (at home), and the Carolina Panthers.

Don't let this Case Keenum facade fool you, this cat isn't that good and I believe people are sleeping on this Saints defense. Despite the injuries, this defense will be able to make life difficult for the Vikings "MVP candidate" quarterback (that's from ESPN Vikings Reporter Courtney Cronin). She says, "in the time that has passed since these two teams last met, Case Keenum emerged as a league MVP candidate."

Give me a break, that's almost as comical as the Panthers loading up to stop the run and making Drew Brees beat them.

Saints fans, if you want to worry about something make it not be Case Keenum, and it should be the number one defense in the league, they deserve most of the credit.


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