Will we have college football or not? And, if so, which conferences will be playing?

These two questions have been going through the minds of college football fans for the past few months. While watching coverage of this, I notice the camera shots of teams entering their respective stadiums and I can't help but be taken back by the pagentry that each stadium (and its fans) contains!

When I was a student at UL, I was blessed to get to travel with the Ragin' Cajun football team as a videographer for two seasons. In that time, I got to see some incredible stadiums - Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee, Bill Snyder Family Stadium at Kansas State University, the Orange Bowl in Miami, the University of Illinois - Memorial Stadium, and Williams-Brice Stadium in South Carolina.

In my lifetime, I've also been able to go to Tiger Stadium twice for a couple of LSU games - one of them against Eli Manning and Ole Miss, the other against Jadeveon Clowney and South Carolina.

But, as I've watched the images of stadiums over and over again, there are some great stadiums that I would love to attend. BELOW are college football stadiums on my bucket list?

Which college football stadiums are on yours?

Bucket List College Football Stadiums