Sports Illustrated recently released a top 15 list, as voted on by current NBA players, of their favorite broadcasters in the business. No surprise that Charles Barkley is on the top, but how about Bill Walton cracking the top 10. Doesn't it seem like Hubie Brown (pictured left) should be number 1? How does Craig Sager and his ugly suits make the cut? I guess players feel different than fans...and by fans I mean me.

The Yahoo! sports blog Ball Don't Lie recently broke down each broadcaster on the list, 15 down to 1, and explained the good and the bad of each. Click here to check it out.

And by the way, I completely agree with them about Hubie Brown. How in the hell is he not in my living room during the Conference finals? The man is timeless. According to the unofficial poll in my head, he's the best color commentator in any sport, not just basketball.