Baby names have come a long way since I was born, with never-before-heard of names like X Æ A-12 and North showing up on registries nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of parents naming their children anything they want to name them, as long as we don't need to solve a trigonometry equation to pronounce it.

Names, like most everything else, evolve over time. Some families recycle the same names for generations sometimes, but fads/trends/events can and do spark change. Just recently I read that a couple in the Philippines named their new-born twins "Covid" and "Corona", but that's their business. I personally know a couple who named their son after a character in a Tom Cruise movie. It's a strong name and seems to suit the child well because, as of this writing, said child is VERY strong-willed.

Anyhoot, I went through the top 10 names from the year I was born on the Social Security website and, lo and behold, mine was in there.

Here are the most popular baby names from the year I was born, 1967:


If you'd like to find the most popular baby names from the year you were born, just click on this link from the Social Security Office.