What sports city is the most miserable? Atlanta, Cleveland, Buffalo, Seattle? Lucky for us, Forbes magazine devised a formula to determine the title holder for sheer misery. Contenders could only be cities with at least 75 cumulative seasons in the four major sports leagues, eliminating New Orleans, who collectively has 44 years from the Saints, 8 years from the Hornets, and 5 years from the Jazz.

Complete futility was not the key to the point system. Near misses were more important than being utterly pathetic. Points were divvied up by postseason losses, with extra weight given toward when the loss occurred (more weight if you lost in finals). Another determing factor was the amount of time since a city's last championship. Tom Van Riper of forbes magazine has more.

We also tacked on a bonus point whenever a city loses a team to greener pastures. The loss of its NBA club was just enough to nudge Seattle past Atlanta, a city with one sports title in 153 cumulative seasons, to the top of the misery list. Atlanta’s postseason misery is legendary, led by the Braves’ failure to take home a world championship in 13 of 14 playoff appearances from 1991 to 2004. Throw in a Falcons loss in their lone Super Bowl appearance (1999) and a pair of losses by the NBA Hawks in the Eastern Conference finals, and Atlanta rides neck-and-neck with Seattle on the disappointment meter.

Phoenix placed third, followed by Buffalo and San Diego. You can see the misery list in pictures here. After studying the list, I was reminded of what I already knew, and that is how miserable Atlanta sports is.