"We've got a Blue for you." We've heard the commercial jingle a thousand times, but the debate rages on, what in the world are the Louisiana cities are they singing about in the Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial? We hear Lake Charles, Venice and Vidalia, but what are the names of the other cities and where are they? I did a little digging and with the help of a lovely lady in their corporate communications office, I found out!

Here are the lyrics:

No matter where you are,

You're covered through and through,

We got a Blue, for you

[from] Lake Charles north 'round Shongaloo,

From Venice through Vidalia, up by Oak Grove too

No matter where you are,

You're covered through and through,

We got a Blue for you


Here's the scoop on the cities:

Lake Charles is in the South West corner of the state and is the fifth largest city in Louisiana. It was originally incorporated as Charleston, Louisiana in 1861, but changed to Lake Charles in  1867.

Shongaloo is in North West Louisiana about an hour from Shreveport. In 1921, a wild oil well collapsed and created a crater two-hundred feet across that burned for two and a half years.

Venice is in the extreme South East portion of Louisiana. It is the furthest community down the Mississippi River that you can get to by car.

Vidalia is midway between North & South on the Eastern side Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River from Natchez. It's not the home of Vidalia onions (they come from Georgia) but it is where the largest pre-fabricated power plant in the world is located.

Oak Grove is in the North East corner of Louisiana. It's the home of Tony Joe White who wrote "Rainy Night in Georgia."

So, now you know!