Here's a habit every parent should have when you get out of your vehicle at a gas station.

Too often we see or hear stories of people at gas stations pumping gas into their vehicle and someone jumps into the vehicle and attempts to steal it.

So, here's what I have trained myself to do each and every time I am at the gas pump, I take the key out of the ignition and put my keys into my pocket. 

I do this every time I pump gas and I even do this when I am alone. Not only do I not want someone to attempt to steal my vehicle, but I do this so that it becomes a habit for when I have my kid in the vehicle.

The last thing any parent wants is for someone to jump into their vehicle and steal it while their kid is in the car.

By having your keys in your possession you are also prepared to unlock the vehicle in the event of a kid locking themselves in it.

As a reminder, ALWAYS take your keys with you when you exit your vehicle to pump gas. It's a great habit to have.

I'd encourage you to share this with family and friends on social media so that they too can get into the habit of removing their keys from the vehicle while at the gas pump.