Verne Lundquist has been calling games for over five decades, but this weekend, he called his last football game for CBS.

Lundquist, sometimes lovably called "Uncle Verne" by his fans, is a giant in the broadcasting world. He served as the voice of SEC football for 14 seasons, but his career ranged far and wide throughout his fifty plus years in the business. His voice will still be heard on coverage of The Masters, but Lundquist's time in the booth at football stadiums came to an end with the 2016 Army-Navy game.

In an emotional tribute, Lundquist made sure to thank all the people that were a part of his success, from his broadcast partners, to the crew members at CBS and the countless other individuals that helped him call games. When he got to the portion of his thank you's about his wife, he started to get choked up.

This is raw emotion, from one of the most well spoken men in the business. He could barely hold back the tears when he talked about his loving spouse.

Earlier this year, he said goodbye to SEC football, but the emotions weren't as striking as when he talked about his wife.

Some people aren't fans of Lundquist's style and opinions on the air, but even the most harsh critics can't deny this: football on CBS won't sound the same without "Uncle Verne."

Whoever steps into the booth next season to call SEC games has big shoes to fill, and even if you don't like his style, you have to admit he had some magical moments behind the mic.