Bicycle kicks aren't easy. In fact, it's easier to hurt yourself trying one than it is to actually score a goal. When somebody pulls one off, it's a thing of beauty.

Switzerland was down 1-0 to Poland in Euro 2016 play, until Swiss star Shaqiri pulled into his bag of tricks and got on his bicycle for an absolute wondergoal.

Unfortunately for the Swiss, Poland ended up winning the game with penalty kicks. Still, Shaqiri's goal is an easy pick for the best goal of EURO 2016 so far.

Now that you watched how easy Shaqiri made it look, watch some of the world's greatest athletes fail miserably trying the exact same move. Christiano Ronaldo once whiffed so badly, he didn't even touch the ball.

Ouch. Also, if you're going to try a bicycle kick on defense, you better make sure you connect with the ball.

The blooper reel music makes that clip so much more enjoyable too.

Shaqiri's strike was solid, but was it better than Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ridiculous goal against England a couple years back?

The goalie thought he had time to make it back into the net, but he did not. This is Zlatan at his best...

While we're at it, you might as well watch the top ten bicycle kick goals of all time. The person that put this together picked Zlatan's goal #1, but some of the others might be even more unbelievable.

Remember, don't try this at home. You might end up breaking your neck. Leave it to the professionals.