The Ragin' Cajuns finished with a losing record last season, and Head Coach Mark Hudspeth is ready to turn the ship around in 2016.

At Sun Belt Media Day, Coach Hudspeth sounded optimistic, yet realistic about what his team needed to address in the offseason.

Hud also had the pleasure of talking about a fresh quarterback competition. With the addition of former LSU QB Anthony Jennings, Jordan Davis now finds himself in a position battle. In the end, the entire offense wins. Jennings has the chance to really shine in some new scenery, and Hudspeth thinks it's a win-win scenario.

"Offensively, what we do will allow him [Jennings] to showcase his talents, maybe a little more than in his previous system. I think it just fits him," Hudspeth said. "I think the competition he's going to bring is only going to make him and Jordan Davis better."

Speaking of the offense, Hudspeth said the philosophy is going to change. The tempo will get faster, and the skill position players will be in a position to make more plays, according to the new plan. Turn up the speed and let the beasts feed? If the QB's can add to the potent run game with Elijah McGuire, it could be an explosive adjustment from 2015 to 2016.

A young group of wide receivers should grow around a solid core, spearheaded by fearless leader Al Riles. Riles and Gary Haynes should prowl the middle of the field, and Hudspeth's rangy wideouts are hungry to prove their worth in a new scheme.

On the defensive side of the ball, Hudspeth's defense is anchored by Peters and the linebackers. Tracy Walker beefed up and will roam around with the LB's now, but the secondary isn't lacking for size. Savion Brown, Artez Williams (JUCO), and the rest of the defensive backfield all check in well over six feet tall, and Simeon Thomas is finally ready to play cornerback for the Ragin Cajuns.

In the 15-minute one-on-one interview, Hudspeth paints a nice picture of expectations, and he even drops some breadcrumbs to see down the trail they took this offseason. He even started reeling off possible starters on the offensive line, which is only a part of a refreshing glimpse into the depth chart.

Ready for football season to start? It will be here before you know it.