Nick Saban hates the media. Everybody knows that. Year after year, he berates reporters for doing their jobs and acts like an all-around jerk.

This time, he decided to bite off a piece of ESPN radio personality Paul Finebaum, who made his career covering SEC Football. Finebaum was critical of Dan Mullen's handling of the Jeffery Simmons situation, and he went after Saban too for letting two players off the hook.

Cam Robinson and "Hootie" Jones got in trouble earlier this year, but the Ouachita Parish District Attorney decided to pass on punishing the players, who were found with marijuana and a stolen gun. At SEC Media Days, Saban announced that both players could start in the season opener, which Finebaum took issue with.

The producers at ESPN and the SEC Network probably didn't predict their interview with Nick Saban would go like this...

The conversation didn't end there either. Several different reporters caught Saban chewing Finebaum out after the interview ended too. This doesn't look like a pleasant conversation.

You can't hear what Saban is saying to Finebaum, but you can bet he's not asking for a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies.

Who do you think was wrong? Is Finebaum wrong for accusing athletes in the court of public opinion, or is Saban wrong for downplaying the decision to give them a pass?

Whatever side you're on, everybody can agree that Nick Saban and Paul Finebaum probably won't be sending each other Christmas cards.