What happened at Lambeau Field on Saturday afternoon was totally unexpected. I had been told all Summer long about how the LSU offense was going to be a juggernaut. I was told that the new defensive coordinator for the Tigers was going to make a good unit great. I did not see any of that on Saturday.  According to his comments during the game Coach Les Miles did.

The Tigers play in the first half of the game against Wisconsin was "slightly" below the expectations that many Tiger fans had. Would I be wrong in making that assumption? At that time the vaunted LSU attack had amassed a total of 26 rushing yards and 38 passing yards. Here is what Coach Miles told the LSU Radio Network during the halftime interview.

We need to run the ball better. We've thrown the ball well.

I can agree with the comments about the running game. What part of "well" did you see in the passing attack? I saw a quarterback who threw the ball way to high and way too off target for even the greatest receivers to pull down. The Tigers are very fortunate that several of the wide receivers did not suffer broken ribs going up for those "well thrown" balls.

Ron Higgins with NOLA.com has an even more interesting look at the the LSU Wisconsin game if you want to read the words of someone who appears to be even more confused by the LSU performance than me.

It appears as though the Tigers are going to have another Les Miles year. It would be considered great by many programs but LSU was picked by many national pundits to be a National Championship contender. I suppose that could still happen. I won't be holding my breath until the end of the season.

Up next for LSU Jacksonville State in the home opener at Tiger Stadium. If LSU can't get all facets of their game clicking against the Gamecocks then it really will be a long season with teams like Auburn, Florida, and Ole Miss on the horizon.