Golden State is officially playing video games in real life. Steph Curry and the Warriors broke the Bulls record, and they did it in style.

The 73rd win of the season came with a splash, 125-104. Curry needed eight three-pointers to reach 400 this season (an absurd number), and he hit ten. His first six shots all came from deep, and he nailed five of them. While Kobe was scoring 60 in Los Angeles on 50 shots, Steph was nailing the coffin shut on the best regular season in NBA history with 46 points of his own. By the way, Steph only needed 24 shots to do it (15-24 FG, 10-19 3-pt).

You could tell the Warriors wanted the record. They were gunning and running all over the court, and they had 70 points in the first half. Memphis was down by almost 20 points the majority of the game, but the action was far from boring.

When the Warriors are locked in, they're the most entertaining team the game has ever seen.

It's been two decades since the Bulls won 72 games, and a lot changed about the game in that time. The league might not play as much defense, but the current rules don't allow it. That being said, no team in the history of basketball runs the court like the Warriors. Even their "center," Draymond Green, can go coast-to-coast with the dribble and drop a dime on the fly.

They have the Spurs' passing with the best shooters the NBA has ever seen. Curry and Klay Thompson can hit shots with defenders in their face at 30+ feet. In Curry's case, you literally have to guard him all the way to the tunnel.

Some critics would question playing your guys heavy minutes with the one seed locked up, but Steve Kerr let his guys go get the record with gusto. Kerr was part of the Bulls team that won 72 games, so he understood the gravity of the entire situation. Now his team holds an NBA record, and they head into the playoffs with a full head of steam and a metric ton of swagger.

Get ready for more three-pointers. Steph and the Warriors aren't stopping now.