I was wrong. I admit. I thought at least one voter wouldn't give Steph Curry their 1st place MVP vote.

After all, Michael Jordan was never a unanimous MVP. In 1996, when he led the Bulls to a then NBA record 72 wins, Penny Hardaway garnered 2 first place votes. Penny was great, but was he better than MJ that year? Of course not.

Three years ago, LeBron James was one vote shy as a single first place vote was given to Carmelo Anthony. Was he better than James? Nope.

Steph Curry was the MVP of the league last year. He was even better this year. He led the Warriors to an NBA record 73 wins. He made an NBA record 402 three pointers, shattering his own record of 286 set last season. He led the NBA in scoring, becoming the first player in league history to average 30 points per game while playing less than 35 minutes a game.

Anyone who watches the NBA and has a rational mind knows the 28 year old shooting phenom was the best player in the league during the regular season.

In the past, rationale didn't always apply to voters. Today, it did.