The rest of the world should know by now, the US Women's National Team isn't who you want to meet on the soccer field. Why should Rio 2016 be any different?

In the USWNT's first taste of the Rio Olympics, they shut out France for a 1-0 victory. It was Hope Solo's 200th career cap defending the goal for the Americans, and she came up with saves on six different occasions to protect Carli Lloyd's lone goal at the 63' mark. One game, one win.

In case you don't know, the women are the only soccer players in Rio representing the United States. The men's team didn't even make it to the Olympics, so there's no excuse not to cheer for the women...not to mention, they're the favorites to win gold.

Lloyd is kind of on fire for the USWNT too. The game winner was her 90th goal in international play, her 11th goal of 2016 and her eighth during Olympic competition.

Sometimes to score a goal, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Lloyd provided the offense, but Solo's heroic effort in the goal was the the main entertainment.

First off, no other goalie in the history of the USWNT reached 200 career caps for the team. In a historic start, she brought the beef.

France did all the necessary work to break the defense and create a chance several times, but Solo was there to deny them at every turn. Once, she tapped a ball deftly over the bar, and another time her feet clamped down like a trap on a ball that was headed between her legs. Nice try, France, but not today.

Some people might think the US Men's Basketball team is America's most dominant sport at the Olympics, but they're wrong. If Solo, Lloyd and the rest of the USWNT keeps playing like this, you can hand them their gold medal. It will go right next to their other gold medals on the mantle.

Say it with me, "USA...USA...USA!" Aren't the Rio Olympics fun when you're watching from your couch?