As is normally the case, the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns are drawing extremely well for their respective home games at Yvette Girouard at Lamson Park.

Louisiana currently ranks 8th in the nation in the latest college softball attendance figures.

UL, who is 26-4 on the season, including a 16-1 home record, has drawn 21,874 fans.

The Cajuns return home on April 5, playing host to UTA in the opening game of a three-game, weekend, Sun Belt Conference series.

Auburn, who 37,362 fans, through 20 home games, ranks number one in the country, followed by Texas A&M, who has drawn 33,664 through 24 home games.

Arizona ranks third on the list, having drawn 31,699 through 17 games, with LSU checking in fourth, after drawing 30,994 through 24 home games.

Alabama ranks 5th on the list, having drawn 28,983 fans through 14 home dates

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In terms of average attendance, Louisiana ranks 10th, averaging 1,367 fans a game, one of only 14 schools in the nation that are averaging more than 1,000 fans.

And actually, Louisiana likely ranks even better in attendance, as they're averaging over 1,700 fans per home contest. The issue is that it seems as though the Cajuns, in the tournaments they played in, in which they played two home games in one day; were credited for one attendance figure for one game, but were given zero attendance for the other, declining their average attendance numbers.

It's a glitch in the system; one that the NCAA will, hopefully, work out.

As for now; these are the official stats.

Alabama ranks at the top in average attendance, averaging 2,070 fans per home contest.

Ranking high in attendance is nothing new, as the Cajuns typically draw among the best programs in the nation, ranking in the top ten in attendance the last two years.

Yvette Girouard at Lamson Park is always a special place for UL softball!