UL Ragin' Cajuns Athletic Director Scott Farmer issued a brief statement Monday on the ongoing NCAA investigation into the program, then shut it down.

As per NCAA regulations, the university or its employees are unable to discuss the details of an ongoing investigation, but Farmer asked the public, and the media, to do their due diligence on the subject before wading any further.

"If you'll take the time, and I encourage you, please, take the time to read those two documents in their entirety,they will answer most of your questions," Farmer said.

Farmer reiterated that the student-athletes, coaching staff and university employees would be unable to offer any further comment on the matter. Take the time to listen to his full statement in the video above, and if you wish to read up on the matter, investigate the NCAA's allegations and the university response with the links below.

With a subject this complicated, it's best to get as much information as possible.