The Adam LaRoche story was and is an interesting one.

Just before the season started, he abruptly decided to retire when he was asked to stop bringing his son Drake, age 14, into the clubhouse.  The White Sox slugger walked away from a $13 million dollar contract, saying the time with his son was more important than the money.

When LaRoche was signed by the Sox, the issue of having his son with him (which he did while playing for other teams) was discussed and management said there was no problem with it. But General Manager Ken Williams sent LaRoche a message saying having his son around so much was bad for the team.

When LaRoche decided to walk away, his teammates were Williams.  They could find no one on the team or the coaching staff who had an issue with the arrangement.

Now, there is a story emerging that suggests LaRoche's decision may have had something to do with something outside of baseball....something dark and disturbing....that has made it easier for him to walk away from the game...and the money.

Check out the story here.