Trophy Room Contest Rules

Official Rules: The Trophy Room UTV Giveaway 07/22/13-09/06/13

The Trophy Room UTV Giveaway (Contest) is a contest administered via (Station Website). The contest winner will be chosen by a random drawing of all official entries obtained before the entry deadline. The odds of winning The Grand Prize will be determined by the number of eligible entries received. There will only be one Grand Prize given away during this contest. Winner must meet all eligibility requirements. There are no substitutions allowed.

The Grand Prize: 2013 Bennche Big Horn 400 UTV

Method of Entry: 

1: Contestants may submit a photograph of themselves and their “trophy” via the Station Website. The entry information must be filled out completely for an entry to be considered valid.

2: In the event a contestant wishes to enter the contest and they have no “trophy” to take a photograph with. They may take a photo at the Trophy Room Display at Courtesy Dodge ,607 Enterprise Rd , Breaux Bridge Louisiana during regular business hours. This photo must be uploaded via the Station Website with entry form information completely filled out.  This display will be available to the public starting on July 30, 2013.

3: Contestant may earn an entry into the Contest by watching the entry video posted at the Station Website. Contestants must follow the instructions at the end of the video to receive entry information.

4: Contestant may visit the Trophy Room Display at Courtesy Dodge, 607 Enterprise Rd, Breaux Bridge Louisiana during regular business hours. A “Bonus Code” word will be displayed at the Trophy Room Display. Contestants can then use this “Bonus Code” to earn an entry via the Station Website.  This “Bonus Code” will be available to contestants starting on July 22, 2013.  Entries: The maximum number of entries allowed is 3 per eligible person. Contestants may submit as many photographs as they like but they are allowed only one official entry via photographs. The contestant may also receive one official entry by watching the entry video. The contestant may also receive one official entry via the Bonus Code. No purchase is required to enter the contest.  All entries become property of Town Square Media. By entering The Contest, participants agree to allow use of their names, likeness and images as part of advertising or promotion of this contest or participating sponsors. Townsquare Media and Courtesy Dodge and its advertising agencies will not share or sell personal information obtained in this contest.

Eligibility: The contest is open to any United States Citizen 21 years or older residing within a 150 mile radius of Lafayette Louisiana.

Hold Harmless: Contestants agree to hold Townsquare Media and it’s multiple brands, Courtesy Dodge and its multiple brands, and First Turn, as well as any advertising agencies and independent contractors harmless in the event of injury or death as a result of participating in The Contest.

Tax Liability – Contestant is responsible for any and all taxes incurred as a result of participating in this contest and/or winning the prize.

Other - Unless specifically addressed all other Townsquare Media General Contest rules are applicable.