Who is the greatest college basketball program ever? Better yet, who ranks in the top 50 from 50 all the way down to 1? It's hard to argue with the likes of Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina, Duke, and Indiana. Let's not forget about Connecticut, Cincinnati, and Syracuse either.

It's a debate that has, is, and will continue to be discussed among college hoops fans. Whether it be wins, Championships, alumni, Tournament victories, devout fan bases, and incredible tradition, let the debate continue.

Personally, I would vote Kentucky at #1. For eight decades, they have experienced major success. Wildcat nation has everything mentioned in the above paragraph and more.

NBCsports.com has put together the list of the top 50 basketball programs of all-time. Ragin' Cajun fans might not like seeing where Western Kentucky lands on the list, while Hilltopper nation is probably upset they don't rank in the top 25. Does LSU make the cut?

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