Tony Robichaux spoke his mind after the Ragin’ Cajuns lost to the Arizona Wildcats, 3-1, to end their 2016 baseball season.

The Cajuns went into Monday with a chance to win the regional with the minimum amount of games, but Arizona rained all over their parade with two wins in one day to claim the Lafayette Regional. It was the last series at M.L. Tigue Moore Field, but it wasn’t the storybook ending the coaches, players and fans wanted.

Coach Robe takes up a good chunk of time spinning his words, but his press conference after Arizona was concise.

"You got to tip our hat to them. Those two pitchers did their job,” Robe said after the loss. “They stood tall when it was time to stand tall."

That’s just a snippet of his response, so watch the full video above to get his entire reaction. It was a long, difficult day at the park, and coach did his best to stay on message even though he and his team were in the middle of a lot of emotions.