It was 21 years to the date, today, in which one of the most iconic basketball movies of all time was released. Space Jam.

A star studded cast featuring the likes of his airness, Michael Jordan and various Looney Toon characters were the focal points. In addition, New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing, Houston Rockets power forward Charles Barkley, Charlotte Hornets power forward and guard Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues, and Dallas Maverick center Shawn Bradley.

The movie was released in 1996 and was based on an alternate history of Michael Jordan's retirement from basketball in 1993 where he took up Major League baseball after his father passed away. The movies shows, perhaps, what life was like before he returned to the NBA scene in 1995.

The movie was an instant box office hit as it grossed over $230 millions dollars and was the number one movie at the time in the United States.

The thought of the most famous athlete and most famous cartoon character at the time teaming up with other popular Looney Toons characters to take down an alien squad in a basketball game was brilliant. Plus, the "Monstars" garnering their basketball playing skills from current NBA stars was incredible.


  • During the production of the film Michael Jordan had it put into his contract that Warner Bros would have to build him a court? That's right, they called it, "The Jordan Dome". This way he could keep practicing in between takes and to blow off steam after tireless hours of reading script. Can you image how legendary those pick-up games must have been?
  • The original "Space Jam" website is still up and running and is just about as 90's as you would expect a website to be.


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