The New Orleans Saints began as a franchise in 1967. For the first 20 years it would be a lot of struggle, mediocre play, and losing seasons.

In their 21st season as a franchise in 1987 there was renewed optimism, Jim Mora was brought in a season prior, got the Saints to a 7-9 record, and was able to bring over a bunch of very good players from the USFL.

Mora was responsible for the creation of the "Dome Patrol". A dominate linebacking corps that featured, Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Vaughan Johnson, and Pat Swilling.

On this date, the Saints would triumph over the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-16 and improve to 8-3 on the year. This win would secure the teams first ever winning season as a franchise during a shortened season.

The team would finish the year on a nine game winning streak and end up 12-3 and 2nd in the NFC West. They would match-up with an 8-7 Minnesota Vikings squad in the NFC Wild Card Game in the playoffs and would eventually lose that game 44-10 at home...

Regardless of how that season played out it was a magical year for a franchise so devoid of winning for the first 20 years of existence.


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