The fantasy football season is alive and well, week nine is upon us and it's time to be savvy waiver wire players.

All this season on The Word With G we'll be dedicating Tuesday's to fantasy football with the "Fantasy Football Lounge" sponsored by Legends of Lafayette and it airs 6-7pm CST. Joining me every week to break into our fantasy football talk will be Spencer Urquhart of the Daily Advertiser and self-proclaimed fantasy football guru (follow him on Instagram and Twitter). Today we're coming to you on a Wednesday.

We kick it off by giving you some good fantasy sports news for you Louisiana Parish citizens.

Then, Spencer and I get into the impact of Dez Bryant to the Saints, Legends of the week that was in week nine, waiver wire targets, and boom or busts for the upcoming week.

Finally, we play a new game dedicated to our Wednesday time slot called "Which Guy Wednesday" where we decide between two players which we would rather play this week if given a choice, take listener calls and comments. Take a listen:


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