Dating now a days is a tricky proposition. First of all meeting people has become much more impersonal with the invention of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, just to name a few.

If you do meet someone, either in person or via a dating app the next question is, what do you do? Where's the best place to go, what's the ideal activity? Now, that varies depending upon the individual; with that said, to me you can't go wrong with going to a sporting event but which is the ideal spot to go on a date?

What are some must haves when it comes to a good date?

  • Entertainment
  • Time to get to know each other
  • Shared interest
  • Fun
  • Good conversation

Just to name a few. Now, lets take a look at the three major sports and see how they stack up against one another as the ideal date spot.


To start off with football you have to include the tailgate which is sometimes better than the actual game (depending on who you're going to see). Great food, all kinds of drinks (alcoholic or not), and games being played it's like one big party. The game itself is fast paced, hard hitting, and really just constant motion with something happening on seemingly every play. In addition, you get a break in between to grab food, beverage, or have a conversation, and the atmosphere is usually electric with outstanding people watching.

However, football games are the most expensive of the three (football, basketball baseball), depending upon where you are as the season wears on the weather can be pretty brutal, and with as many people as stadiums can hold transportation in and out is going to be a chore. Also, with the constant action on the field it doesn't leave much of an opportunity to talk to your date and there can be plenty of rude, drunk people that can disrupt your flow.

If you're looking for a date that's more of a party, social experience then football is your ideal date spot but just make sure you've got plenty of bills in your bank account because you'll easily be spending a couple hundred dollars on the date.



Have you ever heard the quote, "How can you not be romantic about baseball"


Yes, from the cinematic classic, Moneyball starring Brad Pitt. There's just something special about being at a baseball game and the story behind certain players. Kind of like football, you're able to tailgate prior to baseball games (it is less common) and the tailgates are a little more subdued. However, baseball's played during the spring/summer months and generally no matter where you go the weather is beautiful. If you and your date enjoy the sun and maybe getting a little tanned up, a day game is perfect. Even if you attend a night game it's still warm with just the right amount of cool. A couple other great things about going on a date at a baseball game is that the action is slower paced so there's time to talk in between pitches and innings, baseball is generally the cheapest to attend, and who doesn't love sitting outside in the warm air sipping a beverage? Also, ballpark food has become a trend recently and with not as much action it's terrific for scanning the stands for some quality people watching as well.

On the flip side for a baseball date, if you're not a good conversationalist keeping things going might be a struggle as the action isn't as rapid, the tailgates aren't as involved as football, and with outdoor stadiums be prepared with a back-up plan in case it rains.

If you're the type of person who can carry a conversation/having the chance to get to know your date while taking in a sporting event, enjoys being outdoors, a hint of romance in the air, and if you happen to catch a foul ball you're a hero (just don't miss it)-If this sounds good to you then baseball is your ideal date spot.



Talk about face paced, basketball is up and down and back and forth! It provides you plenty of entertainment for a date and it's indoors so you never have to worry about inclement weather. The prices aren't too bad, unless you're going to Madison Square Garden in New York City...

However, when it comes to a basketball game there is no tailgating, I mean you can go to a bar beforehand but it's just not the same. There isn't a ton of time to talk and get to know each other with the constant action of the game. Inside is nice for regulated temperatures but sometimes you just want to spend the weekend outside.

If you're not a big talker and just wanna take in the face paced action in an arena with regulated temperatures then a basketball game is the spot for you!


So, we've weighed the options, I've laid out the pros and cons of each sporting venue date spot and in my world the best place to take a date would be.....

A baseball game. I'm a big fan of being outdoors in the warm weather sipping on a beer on a summer day or night, consuming good food, and having a chance to have a good quality conversation while still watching the game. I'm also still waiting for the opportunity to catch a foul ball and here's a pro tip, if you take her/him to a game for their birthday get their name of the scoreboard, it's always a nice touch.

Whichever you choose, it's always a solid plan to incorporate sports and a date-I know it's one of my favorites.


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