Sports has a human element to it, whether it's emotional, a mistake made, the unthinkable happening, or otherwise. On Sunday, it was a missed called by home-plate umpire David Erwin.

Here's a link to the still shot.

They say a singular play never defines a game but this was a HUGE call that, by this photo you can see was clearly blown, but again it's the human element to the game.

We've seen other sports implement replay at the professional level and I really think it needs to find its way into the D1 college ranks, especially during post-season play.

We all make mistakes, it's going to happen, but it was just unfortunate that it happened at this juncture of the game to a team who has fought so hard all season long. One play at the end of the season won't define this 2018 team but it is fresh in our memories. This was my first season of Cajuns Softball and boy, it was an exciting one, and I really look forward to what this program is going to be able to do under Gerry Glasco's watch.


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