The New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers last week very handily, 31-21 to sweep the season series and take a commanding lead in the NFC South at 9-3.

The team came into last week ranked sixth in the NFL Power Rankings, according to ESPN, after a loss at the Los Angeles Rams.

After a win you would think that they'd at the very least stand pat right? Unfortunately not. They've dropped one spot to seventh overall in the rankings. Who overtook them you may ask? The 8-4 Seattle Seahawks with tons of offensive line problems.

I get it, the Seahawks defeated the previously number one team in the rankings, the Philadelphia Eagles at home this past week and they should receive credit for doing so. But overtaking the Saints? Come on man!

Seattle had been seventh in the rankings last week, therefore they just flip-flopped with New Orleans. I understand this isn't a huge deal but I don't think Seattle at 8-4 deserves to be ahead of a 9-4 Saints team leading their division. The NFC South by the way is the winning-est division in the NFL right now.

The Top 5 in the NFL Power Rankings this week is as so:

  1. New England Patriots-Up from 2nd
  2. Philadelphia Eagles-Down from 1st
  3. Minnesota Vikings-Up from 5th
  4. Los Angles Rams-Down from 3rd
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers-Down from 4th 


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