This Ragin' Cajuns offense has been a bit lackluster all season long, they've had to deal with one big injury to the offense and some who aren't performing to the level that maybe was expected. Struggles and injuries certainly happen in all sports but especially baseball when you talk about having to work through struggles, after all this is a game of failure.

We're 20 games into this season and right now I see a glaring hole in this lineup, one thing that this team is desperately missing, and that's a thumper. What I mean by that is a guy in the middle of the lineup with some pop, who's got power, a hitter that opposing pitchers have to pitch very carefully to. This team was hoping the their catcher, Handsome Monica was going to have a solid comeback season and be that guy. Unfortunately, due to a leg injury he sustained in the first game of the season against Texas he's been forced to the sideline, not able to help this struggling offense. This lineup is desperate for some power, extra base hits, and home-runs; as it stands right now the team has a total of five dingers on the year....

When you look at the players they've tried to slot into the middle of the order, Hunter Kasuls has seemed to have the most success as he's leading the team in home-runs with two. Kasuls is a good hitter but he's not your prototypical four hitter, as a second baseman you would ideally want him to be your two, three, or six hitter to lengthen the lineup.

Kennon Fontenot is another guy coach Robe has been trying out in the middle of the order but he's been struggling a bit this season at the plate as well. Two years ago he hit three home-runs and last year he doubled that total in his junior year by hitting six. This year it seems he might be trying to do a little too much at the plate which is completely normal especially when you're one of the senior leaders in this lineup. Fontenot would seem to be someone who would fit into a lineup hitting fifth or lower, again to help lengthen out the lineup because he's shown he can be a productive hitter.

Coach Robichaux addressed the issue a bit in this past weeks press conference when he said, "(we're) slowly getting our on-base percentage and slugging percentage up, still not where it needs to be but it's coming up."

On-base and slugging percentage can be directly linked to scoring runs and until this team improves in both areas, there are going to be a lot of "dental games" so to speak.


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