With a a nickname like "Playoff" Rondo, New Orleans Pelicans point guard Rajon Rondo has earned it with history of great performances in the postseason. What's the key this time?

In a tremendous article by Paolo Uggetti on The Ringer, Rondo can attribute his late season and playoff surge to a milkshake.

Uggetti's piece reads more like a food blog than a game recap, which is fitting considering where Rondo plays.

In it, he focuses on Frank Miller, Rondo's personal chef, who makes gourmet cuisine that will leave you wanting to hire him for a special meal before you finish reading the article.

As Rondo began to feel fatigued at midseason, Miller created a 12 ingredient shake to help Rajon recovery quickly.

During halftime of each game, Rondo drinks a quarter of the shake at halftime, before downing the rest in postgame.

Read Uggetti's entire article from The Ringer, "The Milkshake That Saved Rajon Rondo’s Season", by clicking here.