On Sunday night the New Orleans Saints rolled into the place where their season ended so painfully last season and with a giant-sized chip on their shoulder they won. However, there was an element to this game that was hard to ignore, the Jekyll and Hyde of P.J. Williams.

I honestly don't think we've ever seen a player have such a negative and positive impact on a single game like Williams did. If you watch this highlight clip from the game, on the first Vikings scoring drive all three big plays made happened with Williams in "coverage"

But then right before the half, he makes what most would consider the play of the game when he hit and knocked the ball out of the hands of Adam Thielen. From there, the Saints would turn a halftime deficit to a halftime lead at 17-13.

Fast-forward to halfway through the third quarter and the Saints defensive line gets pressure on Kirk Cousins, forces a bad throw and who is there to make a play? P.J. freaking Williams for the pick 6.

Finally, he would go back to his Hyde ways on the Vikings last scoring drive of the night when he allowed all of the big plays including a Thielen touchdown....

Hard to figure out sometimes if P.J. Williams is actually good, bad or just lucky? I'll let you be the judge.


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