Nobody circles the wagons quite like the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia of course. Their crazy tailgate antics of slamming each other through plastic tables and dousing one another with ketchup and mustard have become something of a routine in Western New York. But, after the team won against Miami last Sunday and Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton engineered a late touchdown drive to rip the hearts of the Baltimore Ravens out, the Bills were in the playoffs!

That's right, let me repeat myself in case you couldn't believe what you were reading, THE BUFFALO BILLS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! This ends the longest playoff drought by any team in North American sports history. The last time the Bills made the playoffs was 1999/2000, you may remember that game as the Music City Miracle, un-fondly of course if you're a Bills fan.

Bills fans, forget the Music City Miracle you've got the Seaport Strike via The Red Rifle to catapult you into the playoffs!

In appreciation for the Bengals coming back and winning in dramatic fashion against the Ravens the Bills are sending a big ole helping of classic Buffalo wings to the Bengals from a local staple in Duff's.

And if that wasn't enough, Bills Mafia has been showing their love in the form of donations to Andy Dalton and his wife's charity foundation in increments of $17 (as many years as its been since they've appeared in a playoff game).

The charity is called the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation. The mission of the foundation is, "to provide daily support, opportunities, resources and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in Cincinnati and Fort Worth."

As of Thursday night there were 14,000 donors that have donated north of $315,000! Check in with Andy Dalton on Twitter as he's been updating the totals over the past few days.

Sometimes Bills Mafia gets a bad rep but this time they really got it right. So, cheers to you Bills Mafia and to the Buffalo Bills as an organization for showing gratitude, this is part of what makes sports great.

The Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday at 12:05pm in Jacksonville.


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