The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in North American sports. We know what it means for everyone's legacies but there's also a lighter side to it all. Media Day.

Super Bowl Media Day is the most fun part of the week leading up to the Super Sunday. It allows the media to have some fun with the players before the real big preparations for the game commence and keep things light for a few hours.

Here's the best, funniest, silliest, and dumbest to highlight the Super Bowl 52 Media Day between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

How about we start you off with the Eagles Fletcher Cox, who apparently has never watched a single Super Bowl...

It's hard for me to believe with how much he loves football that while he was growing up he never watched the biggest sporting event this side of the world!

Oh well, next his teammate Lane Johnson shows off his swagger and where he came up with the idea for the Underdog mask that's become a rallying cry for the team.

As fly as Jay Ajayi, I'm not sure if he pulled that off but the Underdog mask was certainly a clever idea.

Speaking of that, the mask actually did make an appearance on Monday to Super Bowl Media Day, courtesy of Brandon Graham:

Imagine if Philly wins, the city is going to be overrun by wild Underdog's.

Super Bowl Media Day is also filled with some dumb questions, here are two examples of that from Monday night:

Oh Guillermo, classic LeGarrette Blount trickery and asking a player if he thinks his team's going to win may just be the dumbest question of all time...

Don't worry, we didn't forget the New England Patriots, they're simply just not as fun as other teams to cover because they've all been programmed like their robot leader.

Speaking of that, wide receiver Danny Amendola details how many times he's actually seen Bill Belichick aka the robot leader, smile:

I think Danny's gotta tune into the replay of Super Bowl Media Day or read this article because if he does he'll have seen coach smile a total of eleven times! Plus a laugh which you can find here.

I now see why Belichick never smiles, it just doesn't suit him well.

However, his quarterback cracked a few smiles when asked about who his man-crush is:

You think Tommy'll slip out during Belichick's halftime adjustment session to catch a glimpse of his boy JT? I'm thinking probably not but wouldn't that be something if a camera caught him peaking at the performance.

Like I said, there's not much in the way of goofy responses from the Patriots but if you wanna find out how much Tom Brady knows about Pop Culture and Brandin Cooks knows about the ninja turtles, check this article out.


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