For a lot of us, Thanksgiving is about football, food, and napping. Of course, there are usually family arguments, dishes, and the occasional police intervention mixed in to spice up the holiday. I was surprised to learn that on Thanksgiving Day almost as many families will play board games as watch football. At my house that would be a recipe for disaster. Still, if you've got good insurance and don't mind risking family relationships here are some of my favorite games you might try.


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    Cards Against Humanity

    The makers of this game call it a  "party game for horrible people. It is. I think it's wonderful. It gives the family smart alec, such as myself, a way to vent off sarcasm that must be held in. I have to admit it can get pretty strange playing Cards Against Humanity and chances are some people will be offended. Good, maybe they won't come back next year.
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    Trivial Pursuit

    Everybody knows just a little but not everybody knows a lot. That's what makes this seem like a perfect game to form family teams and compete against each other in a battle of trivial wit. Nah, that' aint gonna happen. I personally believe there will be more time going to "Google" to verify answers than there will be play time. But at least it gets the family to speak.

    Howcast via YouTube
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    Men Are From Mars,Women Are From Venus

    It's a game based on the book of the same name. It's kind of a "who knows who better" game. An answer is given and the people vote as to whether they believe it is true or not. Add a few drinks to this game and you're sure to see tears of sadness and hear crying through a locked bathroom door. You can't be that for great family fun.
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    The Game Of Life

    It seems innocent enough, you spin the wheel you move your car. Then you get married and The Game of Life simulates absolutely none of the reality of real life. Playing this game opens up commentary about one's actual life in a family setting. This too can be a great way to thin the crowd early and make sure that next year's Thanksgiving feast will be sparsely attended as well.
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    I think this game, Risk, is the reason that I pray so hard for peace in our world. I do not know the horror of war first hand, however, I do know that if Risk is a simulation for what it takes to acquire world domination then I am ready to jump in Elon Musk's rocket to Mars. Risk may be the dumbest game ever invented. You roll dice, you move blocks of wood, you take over Iceland. I think I'd rather force myself to watch the Detroit Lions play football.