It was around this time last year that the United States was made aware of the first case of Covid-19, and from then on, life changed for everyone.

With worry over the increasing number of cases and the worry that our whole healthcare system in the state could be inundated with Covid-19 cases, Governor John Bel Edwards ordered everyone in the state into a lockdown.

We remained in a series of closures for weeks on end, and it wasn't until November that the state was able to have some of the restrictions lifted. Right now, the state of Louisiana is in a modified Phase Two meaning that places like retail establishments, including restaurants, can only operate at 50 percent capacity.

Lives changed dramatically last year. There were jobs that were lost, some people retained their jobs but have to function with fewer hours each week, and many people became very concerned about their future.

In times like these, it might seem very difficult to try to achieve your goals and keep moving forward, but therapist Hannah Comeaux says you can still achieve what you want, but you may have to think about things in different ways than you did before.

Hannah Comeaux heads up Comeaux Counseling and Consulting in Lafayette. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She looks to help people live their best lives.

Whether you feel like you can't get the momentum going to even start pursuing your goals, or you are stuck in something that just seems too monumental to accomplish, Comeaux had ten tips to help people to reach their goals this year.

Ten Tips For Reaching Your Goals