It's long been said that men are not the best communicators. This in combination with the often spotty cellphone service during tailgating events can make communicating with your significant other on game day quite difficult. With that in mind, we've put together a brief press release that should cover all your bases for the Cajuns upcoming game against Florida International and answer all those burning questions your wife/friend/girlfriend will undoubtedly ask.

Without further adieu, we present the Tailgating Press Release For Your Girlfriend.

(You can thank us later)


Hey sweetheart,

1. Yes, I am tailgating.

2. Yes, the weather does look  bad.

3. No, I haven't seen your sister.

4. No, parking is probably full at the stadium, but you can park behind the Hilton Garden Inn on Cajundome Blvd if it's not too wet. If it is too wet, then they'll open up SLCC for parking.

5. Well, I'm sorry sweetheart, but that's the closest parking available.

6. No, I can't name all the people I'm with right now.

7. Yes, we have plenty of food.

8. Nik-L-Beer is here.

9. No, Nik-L-Beer the name of a band. They're playing at 3 pm.

10. Yes you have heard of them. They play at Downtown Alive! and Rhythms on the River all the time.

11. I've watched them with you before. I know you've heard of them.

12. Yes, I am going into the game.

13. It starts at 6:05 pm.

14. They're playing Florida International.

15. Yes, I plan on staying the entire time.

16. N0, I don't have an extra ticket for your sister.


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