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What Past Sports Stars Are Doing Now
Ever wonder what Bo Jackson is up to these days? Aside from being the greatest video game athlete ever (Tecmo Bowl anyone?), he's truly one of the greatest sports stars of all-time. Find out what Bo Jackson, Carl Lewis, Jim Abbott, Larry Johnson, and other former stars are up to today.
Remembering 1986
Michael Jordan scoring 63 points against the Boston Celtics... Ferdinand winning the Kentucky Derby, with Willie Shoemaker aboard... Jack Nicklaus winning another Green Jacket... the Chicago Bears doing the Super Bowl Shuffle... Spud Webb winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest... Mike Scott dominating th…
Spud Webb Wins 1986 Dunk Contest
Back in 1986, Anthony "Spud" Webb, of the Atlanta Hawks, won the NBA slam Dunk Contest.
Webb surprised a lot of people by even entering the competition. After all, he stood only 5-foot, seven inches in height. He surprised even more by actually winning the vent...