Sean Payton

Sean Payton Tells Which Saint He Would Let Marry His Daughter
Juwan and his wife have become very popular on the platform sharing the page together and posting different types of videos from comedy videos to food-related content to Saints-related content. One segment that has become very popular is Juwan asking the different members of the team which player wo…
Sean Payton For Coach Of The Year
Head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, has already had to overcome quite a bit of adversity only weeks into the NFL season. From a hurricane displacing the team, to coaches being out, to injured star players, Coach Payton has put himself in the running for coach-of-the-year with the way …
Head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, got to play in the Pro-Am at the Zurich Classic this week, but an errant golf shot had him yelling, "FORE" as his ball flew into the fan area. But Payton didn't give up and showed that he really has game.

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