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Top 10 Unusual Sports Venues
Michigan State will play North Carolina each other in basketball today. The fact that two of the most historical college programs are tipping off isn't the story. Where they're tipping off is. In honor of Veterans day, the schools will play one another on an aircraft carrier in San Diego. …
Butch Davis Fired
North Carolina fired head football coach Butch Davis yesterday amid an ongoing NCAA probe into the Tar Heel football program. Davis kept his job all of last season, despite multiple embarrassing allegations. The Tar Heels won 8 games last year, including the Music City Bowl. Davis had been assured b…
Duke Can’t Spell Recruit’s Name, Lose Player To UNC
Considering how much Duke loves to boast about its academic prowess, UNC fans will give the Blue Devils plenty of ribbing for losing out on top-rated basketball recruit P.J. Hairston. Why did Hairston choose UNC over Duke? For starters, he appreciates literacy when it comes to his name.