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Sean Payton Gets Permission to Attend HOF Ceremony
When New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended by the NFL for his alleged role in "bountygate" the NFL made it pretty clear he could not interact with anyone from the Saints without permission from the league.
In fact, if he had as much as an incidental contact with a …
Future Pro Football Hall Of Fame Classes
Seven new members will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, on Saturday night.
But what about next year? Will Curtis Martin and Jerome Bettis be voted in, after not getting enough support this year? What about former player Tiki Barber, and former coaches Bill Cowher, and Bill Parcells, wh…
Beyond The Mic: Faneca A Hall Of Famer
Former LSU All-American and nine-time NFL Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca announced his retirement yesterday. Faneca's 13 year career is littered with accolades, potentially making him a future candidate for the NFL Hall of Fame.
Roaf Not A Hall Of Famer…Yet
Willie Roaf is not dismayed about missing out on the Hall of Fame. In his first year of eligibility, the former New Orleans Saint and Kansas City Chief offensive tackle made the final 10 cut, but was not among the 7 electees.
Roaf A Hall Of Fame Finalist
Former Saints offensive lineman Willie Roaf is one of 17 finalists up for Hall of Fame enshrinement this year. He was an 11 time pro bowler, 7 time all-pro, 9 time all-conference, and two time all decade team (90s, 00s) selection. His resume speaks for itself.