Mark Emmert

The NCAA Gets One Right – From the Bird’s Nest
I've been as big a critic of the NCAA and the way they do business for many years.
Their arbitrary way of issuing punishment, some of it for the silliest of infractions, has been a head-scratcher.
But, on Monday, the NCAA showed they can get it right...
NCAA Panel Approves Big Changes
The NCAA Division I Board of Directors approved a package of sweeping reforms earlier today. Conferences now have the option of adding more money ($2000 a school year) to scholarship offers and offering multi-year scholarships, among several other major changes.
College Football is One Big Mess
USC gets stripped of its BCS title, while the latest BCS champion is being investigated.  Tennessee appears before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.  Bill Stewart has to resign at West Virginia.  Ditto Jim Tressel at Ohio State.  The Fiesta Bowl nearly loses its BCS affiliation.…